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Bath House

The project is located in Shaoxing my hometown, a prefecture- level city in east coast China. Old town Shaoxing, famous for Yue opera and rice wine, celebrated the 2500 the anniversary of the founding of the city in 2010. Local residents here used to travel by paddling boats.
Furthermore, as the township of Yellow rice wine, the culture of brewing has been in the past more than 2,500 years. 

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This project is a renovation of an old ballroom in the community I lived in as a child. The overall design approach is to bring back the memory of good old times: soaking hot spring with families,curling-up smoke, smelling of cypress, and glossy Chinese style tile building.

The original ballroom, as a place of entertainment, is not suitable for this aging public community. Noise and air pollution have a negative impact on the life quality of residents.

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