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Stopping By

collaborated with Sarie Nohara

By designing this area, we hope to transform the site into a shared space with social functions of transportation, entertainment, a green environment, and artistic aesthetics.


To achieve the goal of safer intersection, we focus on three components,they’re soundscape, lightscape, streetscape. To support those ideas, we did some researches and redesign the infrastructures in that area.


Since the area where the car routes in the picture overlap need to be illuminated on the basis of conventional lighting, which can increase the chance of warning lighting.


In addition to adding some street lights, the yellow block area is meant to create more signal lighting, because those places are car lanes and pedestrian lanes intersecting.

Artboard 11-100 (1).jpg
NL Template-DECE06-10.png
NL Template-DECE06-04.png
NL Template-DECE06-05.png
NL Template-DECE06-08.png
Artboard 14-100 (1).jpg
NL Template-DECE06-16 (1).png
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