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Isolation Diary

Screens-TVs, videos, networks, and mobile phones are the most important "windows" of our cognitive world in modern society. In fact, they are the products of ideology and ideological concepts matured by social conventions. They will influence our analysis, judgment, and even observe the way and content of the problem.

During self-isolation, I tried not to use the conventional occupant's perspective to observe the limited surrounding environment, but to use mobile phones and glass to observe the perspective that I had not noticed before. From a surveillance point of view, to discover the changes in urban space under the COVID-19.

The outbreak of the global virus has caused people to start isolation at home. I never had so desirable to go to the outside world to feel the elements such as sound, the humidity of the air, the change of light. Observing and monitoring the world outside seems to be one of the pleasures in daily life. In addition to the normal perspective, I also tried to observe the environment surrounding from two angles: top view and bottom view. Through the daily video recording of the same site, my Otaku life seems to have an additional routine project which makes me feel energetic and a kind of responsibility every day.

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