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Photography Series 

Smell Promenade

Plaster sculpture

image (11).png
image (10).png

There has always been a close connection between sight and hearing and architectural space, and there seems to be little connection between smell and architectural space in the five senses. However, as early as ancient Egypt, Egyptians, as the first group in the world to use perfume in their daily lives, have long brought smell into the building. The project aims to convey the designer's own path to the scent of the pyramid by combining space and smell inside the pyramid. 

The liquid built into the model is made by combining the building materials of the pyramid with the material slots inside the built-in functional space. For example, the pharaoh and his wife's tomb placed in different objects, the mummies used materials, I used a certain difference in the raw materials. 

The level of the olfactory path in the model affects the strength of the odor. People need to move around to experience what they feel as they go down different paths.

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